Everyone is unique.

Not every program or nutritional approach suits every lifestyle. We want to provide you with a plan that meets your needs.

As a starting point for every new client we offer a one hour consultation. During which we learn as much about you as we can. Gathering information that will help us set out a plan that works for you.

1:1 Sessions



As part of our goal to help you find that perfect balance for you - we will agree on session times that suit your diary. Once we have agreed on your these times and frequency it will be locked into our schedules. Sessions run for 60 minutes. We track progress as you go but will also have biweekly check-ins during the session to track your physical progress through measurements and progress pictures. This is very important to keep you focused on your goal. 




Hummingbird Fitness coaches are specialised and experienced in nutrition. We are passionate about providing you with the nutritional guidance needed to improve your health and body composition. With smart tools, regular check-ins and invaluable dietary advice we will help you make the desired changes to your body. 




Ultimately, we want you to see results - whatever you goal! 

Whether you aim to lose weight, feel stronger, increase your muscle tone, feel healthier and more confident with your physical appearance, we will motivate you by keeping you focused on the results.