Meet Our Trainers


Coach Daisy


Hey, I am Daisy! Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Specialist and ACE Nutrition Specialist. I am a mum of two gorgeous girls who are nearly as passionate about exercise as me! Finally, I am the founder of Hummingbird Fitness.

I discovered my love of Strength Training after having become injured after years of constant high impact exercise. I needed a change and have never looked back. I can now perform exercises I was never able to do before and engage muscles I never even knew I had. On top of this I began to notice that my body was starting to look more sculpted and lean. 


I learnt that with regular strength training you burn calories more efficiently which can result in a healthy weight loss. As well as this, it helps prevent injury, helps your bones grow stronger and improves your balance and co-ordination. This is how I’d like to help YOU too! 

“You only get out what you put in – if you want more do more” 

This is the motto for my sessions. I will give you a varied work out using different types of resistance. We will work at your pace and progress according to your fitness style. Most importantly I want you to have fun!


Coach Jean-Mari


Hi, I am Jean-Mari. Everyone calls me Jean. Gym junkie, lover of bodybuilding & all round fitness addict. I hold a NCSF certification in Personal Training, a Masters Degree in Food Science & Nutrition and an International WFF\NABBA Fitness Bikini professional license.

What does being fit and healthy mean to me? It means striving for balance in all I do. It means challenging my body on a daily basis, pushing a little harder every time, teaching it to adapt, both physically & mentally. Health means I fuel my body, giving it what it needs to overcome those challenges, but also a little extra goodness and I love to smash those goals. Ultimately it means knowing when to rest and recover. Knowing what I enjoy and what I don't, because if it’s not fun I am doing it wrong! 

My passion and love for this lifestyle is contagious. I am highly motivated and inspire my clients to want to make better lifestyle choices. I enjoy seeing clients push themselves where they usually might give up. Nothing beats the post workout high, knowing they gave it their best shot! It has a long-term impact, making clients feel accomplished hours after a session with me. 


Your body is capable of anything, it’s your mind you have to convince.