Client Testimonials

We have a very high success rate with our programs and have helped many clients make significant changes to not only their bodies but also their lifestyles. We fully believe in our well-balanced, consistent & safe programs. Combined with healthy lifestyle habits, clients are making lifelong changes that positively impact their over-all wellbeing, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. 


Silvia wrote:

"Professional and Personal in her approach, Jean-Mari took her time to get to know me. She pushed me to achieve my optimal physical fitness. As a new mother I feel confident and strong in myself again after working with her" 

Madiha wrote:

Daisy is motivating and knowledgable about all things fitness. She eased me into a routine, starting at a pace that was comfortable, while she got to know me and my preferences better. I started enjoying the dull ache of well worked muscles the next day. She is always prepped with a customised session for the next day.

Jasmine wrote:

" Jean is an amazing trainer who never fails to inspire. Because of her, I've gotten used to waking up early in the morning and pushing myself to achieve more each day. I feel so much stronger now, mentally and physically, because of her!"

Piers wrote:

You have shown me that it’s not good enough to simply go running every few days and that I need to focus on strength and flexibility. But as much as that you taught me how to do a lot of the exercises properly, getting the most out of them and I’m sure that’s why I’m so sore.

Aya wrote:

"Jean is a very professional personal trainer and motivator, who is always so positive and inspiring. I have enjoyed every minute of her sessions. She puts a lot of effort and thought in each session to give the best value for the money and time spent.After our sessions I don’t only feel physically strong, but also mentally.If you really want to push your limits and become stronger, I highly recommend Jean!"

Victoria wrote:

“Through my training with you, I now know why it was important to be fit after child birth. You gave me the confidence, energy and motivation to continue with exercise. I have since lost 5.5kg and am very active now – I’ve learnt a lot from you – thank you”

Hardeep wrote:

“I am so happy with what I have achieved for the last 5 weeks. From not being able to feel my core muscles and now I can. All thanks to Daisy!”